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Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery with Nabatara Foundation, Kolkata’s best astrology institute and premier yoga and meditation center, founded in 2011 by the esteemed Mr. Gaurav Tribedi. Committed to shaping the careers of emerging yoga and meditation experts in India, our courses, meticulously crafted under Mr. Gaurav Tribedi’s guidance and renowned practitioners, kindle passion and help individuals unveil their best selves.

Explore our Beginner’s Program, an ideal gateway to holistic well-being, offering the best meditation classes in Kolkata. This program, tailored for beginners, lays a strong foundation for a balanced life, focusing on yoga and meditation practices that nurture the mind, body, and spirit.

Nabatara Foundation proudly stands as Kolkata’s best astrology institute and a top-tier institution for yoga and meditation education. Elevate your practice with a curriculum seamlessly integrating traditional and modern approaches, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

Uncover the secrets of meditation and yoga designed for beginners, providing a solid understanding and fostering personal growth. Join our community dedicated to your well-being and professional development, setting the standard for the best meditation and yoga classes in Kolkata.

For those seeking excellence, Nabatara Foundation is your destination. Begin your journey toward a fulfilling, balanced life with the best astrology institute in Kolkata, unparalleled meditation classes, and top-tier yoga programs, where tradition meets innovation.


Consistent practice of Nabatara Kriya brings numerous benefits to your life, promoting overall well-being and inner harmony. Nabatara Kriya helps :

Enhance mental clarity and focus

Cultivate mental stability

Foster peace and wellbeing

Sashtanga Yoga

Immerse yourself in the profound practice of Sashtanga Yoga, where the body, mind, and spirit harmonize through a sequence of eight interconnected limbs.

Aumkar Meditation

Discover the power of sound with Aumkar Meditation, a practice that taps into the universal vibration, fostering a deep sense of peace and connection.

Nabatara Kriya by Mr. Gaurav Tribedi

Unveil a unique journey with Nabatara Kriya, a transformative practice curated by the visionary Mr. Gaurav Tribedi, guiding you towards holistic well-being.


Embark on a personal odyssey of Self-Enlightenment, a path that encourages self-discovery, mindfulness, and the unfolding of your true potential.

Hatha Yoga

Delve into the ancient art of Hatha Yoga, a practice that combines physical postures, breath control, and meditation for a balanced and rejuvenated self.

Ananta Meditation

Experience boundless tranquility with Ananta Meditation, a technique that leads you towards a state of inner calm and expansive consciousness.

Online Yoga Offerings

Join our Online Yoga offerings, seamlessly bringing the benefits of yoga to your doorstep, making well-being accessible to you anytime, anywhere.

8 Minutes Yoga Technique

Embrace a quick yet effective wellness routine with our 8 Minutes Yoga Technique, designed for those with busy schedules seeking a mindful break.

Samriddhi Yoga

Enrich your life with Samriddhi Yoga, a practice that not only enhances physical vitality but also promotes spiritual growth and prosperity.

Learn Nabatara Kriya

Learn Nabatara Kriya Guided Meditation

Nabatara Kriya Guided Meditation, curated by expert mentors, offers a transformative journey into inner peace and self-discovery. Rooted in ancient wisdom and spiritual insights, this meditation practice harmonizes body, mind, and spirit, guiding participants towards profound relaxation and heightened awareness. Through gentle guidance and mindfulness techniques, participants embark on a sacred journey of self-exploration, unlocking the depths of their consciousness and experiencing a deep sense of inner tranquility. Join us on this enlightening path of Nabatara Kriya Guided Meditation and embrace the transformative power of inner stillness.

Gentle Yoga Flow

Dive into the world of yoga with our Beginner’s Yoga Flow. Perfect for starters, this class focuses on easy poses and smooth transitions, boosting flexibility and calming the mind. Feel the gentle stretch, breathe, and embrace the journey to a healthier you.

Mindful Meditation Session

Join our soothing meditation class designed for beginners. Learn simple techniques to quiet the mind, reduce stress, and enhance overall well-being. Discover the power of mindfulness and take a step towards a more relaxed and balanced life.

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Gaurav Tribedi’s insights into my Vedic horoscope were enlightening and accurate. Highly recommend his services!

Rishikesh Singh

Satisfied Client

Incredible results! Gaurav Tribedi’s numerology corrections brought harmony and success into my life.

Swarnendu Bhattacharya

Satisfied Client

Gaurav Tribedi’s guidance in tantra puja was transformative. Grateful for his wisdom and spiritual teaching.

Meera Karamchand

Satisfied Client

Positive energy filled my home after Gaurav Tribedi’s vastu corrections. Remarkable changes noticed instantly. Thank you!

Ananya Rathore

Satisfied Client

Gaurav Tribedi’s yoga and meditation sessions are profound. Feeling balanced, energized, and at peace. A truly gifted instructor!

Nishant Kunwar

Satisfied Client

Online courses by Gaurav Tribedi exceeded my expectations! Engaging, informative, and flexible. A fantastic way to deepen your spiritual journey!

Radhika Rajput

Satisfied Client



Our astrology courses cover a wide range of topics, including birth chart analysis, predictive astrology, and remedial measures. They are taught by experienced astrologers, including Gaurav Tribedi himself.

Our numerology courses offer insights into personality analysis, compatibility assessment, and predictive numerology. You'll gain skills in interpreting numbers and understanding their influence on various aspects of life.

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science that harmonizes living spaces with natural elements to promote well-being and prosperity. Learning Vastu principles can help create harmonious environments conducive to success and happiness.

Tantra Shastra is a spiritual discipline that includes rituals, meditation, and mantra practices to awaken inner potential and attain spiritual growth. Studying Tantra can deepen your understanding of spiritual practices and lead to profound personal transformation.

Our palmistry courses cover palm reading techniques, hand analysis, and interpretation of palm lines and mounts. Understanding palmistry can provide valuable insights into personality traits, talents, and potential career paths.

Our online courses offer flexible learning options with access to video lectures, course materials, and interactive assignments. You'll also have the support of instructors and fellow students through discussion forums and live Q&A sessions.

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